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Hurricane Disaster

By Nathalia Ayala  |   From : Puerto Rico  |   School : Glades Central High School (FL)

My name is Natalia, i’m going to talk about how the hurricane affected my family.

All began with Hurricane Maria. September 18, 2017 the news announced that a hurricane was coming to Puerto Rico in a couple of days. My family and I prepared our house like we always do when they announce that there is going to be a hurricane.  Some Puerto Ricans were doing nothing because other times they announced that a hurricane was coming nothing happened. They thought this time it was going to be the same thing. My mom had a feeling that this hurricane was going to be really strong for Puerto Rico and we needed to be prepared. My family and I were reade for the hurricane and our roof was going to hold the wind and the rain.

We were going to be safe but my grandma’s wasn’t. My grandma Alma was living in a house with a roof of metal plates. The roof wasn’t going to handle winds of 200 mph. My mom called her and we tried to convince her to stay with us so she can be safe.   My grandma said: “ I’m ok in my house, nothing bad is going to happen “. We insisted  but she doesn’t want to move so we didn’t bother her anymore. We were really nervous because we knew that something was going to happen with her.

Then, we called my other grandma Ileana, she has disabilities, she can’t walk and her home was also made of metal plates. We called her and told the same thing.  We said the same thing we told our grandma Alma. But she didn’t want to get out of her house. She said that everything is going to be okay. We insisted but she refused, so we  leave her alone and continued with the preparations.

We were really nervous, scared, and angry at the same time. We didn’t want something bad to happen to our grandmas.

The day of the hurricane arrived, we were really scared. It was like 12:00 am and my brother and mother’s were awake but I was sleeping.  At 2:00am i wake up with a feeling inside of me that something is wrong. I tell  my mom and she says everything is going to be fine but i look out of the window and i see how the trees and pieces of the roof of the houses are flying all over the street. The windows are vibrating because of the wind i am really scared.

It was 5:00am and the sky was dark like i never saw in my life – It was raining without stop. My mom decided to go out and see if we can go to her mom’s house, my grandma. As soon we got out of the house, a cop said that we needed to stay in the house because all the streets were under water. We tried to convince him but he said no. We went back to the house and stayed there for two days.

When we were able to go out, we cried at the devastation of our pretty Puerto Rico. It was destroyed without trees.  Animals were dead in the street , cables all over the floor, houses destroyed, car sunk under water and dirt. We finally went to see our grandmother Alma first.  When i got out of the car, I start crying because her roof was gone, completely gone. I start walking up stairs. When I see that my grandma getting water out of her little house, i was really devastated.  I just scream “grandma”.  When she turned around and saw us, she started crying and hugging us. She said “Don’t cry. i’m ok, thanks to God , the roof disappeared at 2 in the morning” – I Said to her that around that time i woke up with a strange sensation that something happened. But she was ok that’s the important point.

When we finish seeing her, we moved to Carolina another town of Puerto Rico to see my grandma Ileana. We were really preoccupied about her. As soon as we got to her home, we hugge her and started to cry  because she also lost a part of her roof and her house was full of water. She said that in the middle of the hurricane, the water started to enter the house. She was in bed unable to move and was wet and was unable to move  there.

We were crying because we knew that all was wrong and devastated . It was really difficult for us and all Puerto Ricans .


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