By A  |   From : Puerto Rico  |   School : Thomas Jefferson School



When we knew that there was another hurricane. We were scared because it was stronger than Irma. Days before the hurricane, the people were preparing for the destruction. My parents were thinking to go to the United States if our house was destroyed by the hurricane. In the supermarkets before the hurricane, there was no water or any supplies to help us during the hurricane. Our house is made of wood, so it could be destroyed and my mom was scared about it.  My dad said that we could stay to our aunt’s house because it was close to our house, and it was made of concrete.

We bought a lot of food and gave it to our aunt to keep it safe. Days before the hurricane, my dad said that he was free from work. That relieved us because my dad worked at a prison as a security guard, and of course many people were going to be absent from work to take care of their family.

A day before the hurricane, we were all reunited at my aunt’s house. My dad got a call from work. They said that my dad had to go to work that night. My dad was mad because that was the one thing he didn’t want. He went to work anyway. My mom was worried about him, but he said that everything would be fine.

I fell asleep in my cousin’s room. I get scared at one moment because the hurricane sounded like a monster screaming. My cousin heard that, too, and we stayed awake with each other for an hour in the middle of the night.

In the morning, everyone was awake. My entire family was in the living room. We ate breakfast while my aunt and my parents were trying to get the water out of the room that had leaked into the house. We were moving the water from the rain to the toilet to drain. Then, we played cards to pass the time.

When the hurricane was gone, we went outside to see the other houses and how much destruction and flooding there was. The next day, my parents decided to go to my house because we had animals in the backyard. I was worried for my parents because they didn’t come back to the house for a long time. My aunt was worried, too, so she decided for us all to go to my house to see if everything was good.

While I was going to my house, I saw a lot of houses without walls. All the trees were down and the people were sad as they looked at their houses. When I finally arrived at my house, everything was fine with my family, so we decided to go back to my aunt’s house. We stayed there for one week before going back home.

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