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I am achieving my dream

By Pierik  |   School : Lake Worth High School

My name is Pierik and I arrived to the United States in January 31, 2015.  I came to this country because my mom wanted my sister and I to study. I arrived here on an airplane alone; it was a good and safe trip.

When I close my eyes, I get flashbacks of my country.  I see my family making food or going to the river. I remember the river with cold and clear waters.  I also remember when I used to play soccer with my friends on the streets.

My biggest fear coming to this country was that I could not learn English and could not do well in school.  My family was afraid that they could not find a job or learn how to speak English. My happiest memory in this country was when I saw my family and my mom after four years without seeing her. The first week in the U.S.A. was good and nice.  It was in an apartment where I lived with my mom. However, my first week in school was difficult because I did not know how to speak English.

I see America as a country full of opportunities.  This country could help students like me by teaching them how to learn English.   My biggest hope is to study and learn to speak English well to have a better future. When I close my eyes I see my  future; I see me completing my goals of studying and having a better life. I want to reach my goals of going to the Air Force.  This is my biggest hope. When I open my eyes, I see good people around me that can help me meet my goals and that can protect me.

I want people to know that I am achieving my dream of learning English.


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