I am from  a broken down household

By Michael Sineus,  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Bloomfield High School


When our family lost 

our  grandma during  covid

it felt like the end of the world 

because she was the brain 

she was the magician
she made almost everything work

in the house 

As soon as she she passed away
everything changed 

nothing felt the same no more 

The whole house went upside down
nobody wanted to listen to each  other

no more

like they used to

now everything is an argument 

sometimes I feel like

I don’t see my family no more

cuz I feel like now it’s all about power
and who got the most   

I still remember before she passed  

oh way back in 2018 + 19 I used to 

wake up before I go to school 

she used to pray for everybody 

my grandma had a generous Soul

There appeared a Soul light

When there was darkness, 

She was that light, our angel.

I don’t think nobody else has that

she didn’t care about who you are 

where you are from 

she prayed for the whole world 

she would go down on her knees 

and start praying for everybody 

she used to live and pray for 

President Obama 

President Trump 

even though she didn’t know them

she used to say 

God help them 

And she used to pray for everybody 

the family 

for me 

especially me 

I was A grandma’s boy 

Because I actually grew up with her 

as a mother. My grandma was always around 

I feel comfortable around her  

even though she had multiple grandchildren

she used to tell me I was her favorite 

cuz I have a pure heart  and 

I was going to be someone one day

now every day I wake up and realize 

that I don’t have that person with me 

it really hurts I know she knows that

I love her with all my heart
more than anything in the world 


and the day before she passed away

she was on the phone with the whole family 

except for me

I didn’t even have the time to tell her 

how much I love her and that she was a strong woman  

a week before she went to the hospital

I was with her in the basement

like she always came down to the basement

lying down on the couch watching TV 

And she used to tell me

that I was her entertainment

because she used to be alone in the house


I remember one day when I was in Haiti 

my grandma was coming on a Sunday and 

I didn’t know about it because

it’s not too often that the others told us 

when she was coming so

I was coming from church and 

I decided to go to the family house, her house 

In the driveway She was coming and

I was so happy 

I jumped like a little baby 

I don’t ever think her memories 

in my mind will ever go away 

because I’ll 

forever and ever and ever 

love my grandma

-Michael Sineus, Haiti

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