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I am from a land of fruits

By Kiandry Chacon  |   From : Bloomfield, NJ  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a land of fruits

From mango and limoncillo,

Tamarinds and chinola

Sweet, sweet fruit

Eaten on the patio

Tasty, tamarinds

Tasty like only tamarinds




I am from a land of dwarves

Small , small brothers

Annoying at home

Bitterly annoying

Tasty, bitter and bothersome


I am from a land of gingerbread

From camping and Semana Santa

Sweet, sweet gingerbread

Drunk in the barrio

Tasty, tea

Tasty like only tea


I am from a land of believers

From church

Believe, believe believe

Believe in the word of God

Tasty, truth

Tasty like only truth


I am from a land of food

From kitchen, restaurant, Grocery

Rich, rich food

Tasty, rice, chicken and beans

Tasty like only dominican food


I am from a land of heat

From the street and home, patio and park, church

Hot, hot hot

Hot on the river

Tasty, water

Tasty like only water


I am from Super Mario 3D land

From dancing and fighting, playing games and cooking

Playing, playing games

Playing on my bed

Not exactly tasty

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