I am from diversity

By Alecia Itembo  |   From : Angola  |   School : Everglades High School

I am from many things

I am from ice cube trays

From hot tea and fresh orange juice

I am from different colored walls in every room

Funny, Loving, and Appreciating every moment

I am from the porcelain rose

From the bright pink colored rose

I am from opening presents on Christmas night rather than Christmas day

I am from dark brown hair

I am from Francisco and Mireya

I am from the always helping others and really expressing our feelings

From “always be thankful for what you have”

and “always work hard for what you want”

I’m from a christian family

I’m from Angola

From a Portuguese/European and African blood

I’m from Rice pudding and Chocolate cake

From my mom passing away due to cancer

And from my cousin being kidnapped for about a week

Near the TV, there’s picture books and framed pictures of special events to be remembered

I am from the moments in these items

Always being able to relive these happy memories

I am from…

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