I am from dreams of a future me

By Fatoumata Kaba  |   From : Bayonne, NJ, USA  |   School : Bayonne High School

I am from more than a few years of stability in my small, comfy, warm apartment,

just big enough for us three

I am from more than white walls that never get painted because the move comes too soon to put extra work into the repaint

I am from more than the many decorative paintings, mirrors, curtains, and clocks, hung up and taken down leaving more than enough holes to remember us by

I am from more than the decorative furniture like desks, couches, tv stands, and chairs without pairs filled with pretty pillows and what not that left marks on walls from being moved in place to the angle of perfection

I am from more than the physical things and

Physical Characteristics of my life and how I live

I am from more than the people who share my genes and traits,

but absolutely none of my characteristics

I am from more than their opinions that I am nieve and care too much for those like them who care too little

I am from more than a few “Hey”, What’s up?” “Hello”s and many compliments

I am from more than the assumptions made on my behalf about how I should speak, act, look, and think.

I am from “Hey” “How are you”, to “Goodmorning”s and “Goodafternoon”s

I am from overused terms of endearment like “ Hey, Love”

I am from the words I speak that never seem to end

and from the words I speak almost always with the intention to incite a smile, or grin, or a giggle that I can share in

I am from the amazing friends I have made

I am from meeting as many people as I can because I love the company

I am from working hard to get people to like me

I am from realizing that not everyone will and not everyone is worth the fight

I am from the lots and lots of food I eat

because I eat to live and I sure do love living

I am from witnessing to as many as I can out of love

I am from the skills I have

of up to par dancing and singing like a crow along with professional binge watching and eating as if my stomach is a bottomless pit.

I am from asking if you forgot your sunglasses and sunblock just to direct you to the person in the room throwing shade because I am corny like that

I am from the goofy times and the more seriously  ones

I am from my happiness and my sadness

I am from the tears I have shed I

the secrets I have kept

the prayers I have made and those people who have done things that I forgave

the integrity I intend to keep

those close friends who have witnessed me weep,

the few people who have stuck by

I am from many places without definition

I am from the abstract and the concrete

I am from many elements strewn together to produce an only one of my kind

I am from a product of lessons from sight of past mistakes made both my myself, and majorly made by others that I have witnessed

I am from dreams of a future me

I am from my goals and my morals

I am from more than the many but oh so few words written on a paper

I am from more than words can explain


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