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I am from Guatemala

By Grindy Niz  |   From : Jupiter, FL  |   School : Jupiter High School

My name is Grindy Niz and I am from Guatemala. When I was one year old my dad come to the USA and when I was 3 years old my mom decide to come with my dad.

[My mom] she let me to stay [in Guatemala] with my grandparents, and I lived with them for years.

It was good for me because my grandparents were so nice and I went to the school for the first time.

And when I was 13, my dad called me and ask me if I want to come with them. I said yes because it was an opportunity to come here and learn another language and and have a good job and have money and have a good future for my life. I came here and it was so weird for me to live in another home. My mom was very happy and she start telling me who is my brother and who is my sister. I was so happy too and now I am studying another language. I don’t speak english well,  but I try my best and my wish is to have a good job and have money and have the opportunity to go to college and to see my family in Guatemala because I miss them so much.


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