I am from love.

By Melanie Leal  |   From : Florida  |   School : Everglades High School

I am from love.

From hard work and dedication

I am from the “tierra colorada”.

Kindness, humor, and the aroma of café Cubano

I am from azucar,

Sweet and admired

I’m from family orientation and humor

From Yaisy and Leobaldo

I’m from having fun and working hard

From being happy no matter how little you have and staying hopeful

I’m from faith and Catholicism

I’m from America and Cuba.

Pork and café.

From the water balloon fights in the backyard to the family always sticking together.

From the pictures in a plastic box,

To the moments in real life being just as important.

Now just a faded memory,

I am those memories.

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