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I am from Manhattan to Mexico and back to Bayonne

By Emily Garcia  |   From : Bayonne, NJ  |   School : Bayonne High School

Where I’m From

I am from Manhattan to Mexico and back to Bayonne. Spanish being my first language then settled with English.
From the small silent apartment to a larger and rowdy apartment is what I love.
I am from my undocumented parents who suffered through the struggles to keep me safe and be successful in my own way.
From the photographs in my closet I saw more of my family,
and I saw myself with my grandmother in her arms.
I’m from a little girl who only felt fear and shyness,
from that shell I grew out of, to being a strong and brave person just like my father.
From my mother telling me “You are your own person”.
I am from the tamales, hot chocolate, and festive breads that we have during Navidad.
I’m from the south of Mexico.
From my dreams to the photos I couldn’t tell if they were real or not.
I am from pesos and the slums to picking on the fields in the blazing sun for little cash.
Although I’m from Bayonne, and it is my home that I grew up to be who I am and to take the next step.



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