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I Am From My Own Darkness

By Francesca Rios  |   From : Peru  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from mashed potatoes with rice and grilled chicken

My mom sitting at the corner of the kitchen, watching TV

Me playing with my chihuahua Michi

Fresh potatoes, salt, milk and oregano

The best mashed potatoes in your life

I am from a big town where kids can play

I hear lovers and tears

One little girl sitting on a swing with no fear of falling

Her unique goal is touching the sky with her little hands

I am from a corner of Lima, San Borja

Big white house with a pool

A pool unused for 7 years

I am from L.O.V.E

A man with his friend at the party
Drinking beer and talking with girls

I saw him he saw me

He was a man

I am from P.E.A.C.E

Freedom that feeling is never gonna die

Butterflies in my stomach trying to make me say something stupid

No matter how hard I try to fight it off

I am from accident, L.I.F.E !?

People create rumors, always talk and gossip

About me, about you

Sometimes lies, sometimes the truth

I am from always happy

I don’t need a hand to hold

I got that fire in my soul

I have all this energy that screams for liberty

One night in NY, dancing , singing, screaming

You and me dancing in the moonlight

I am broke but happy ?

I am from you’re not enough

You’re not smart enough

School, colleague and work without break

I am from people who come and go

I lost a friend but I have news

My mom says you’re S.T.R.O.N.G

Strong enough, I’m proud of you

I am from nothing lasts forever

People you love will be dead one day. Just say THANKS

Without periods

I am from the people who say everyone have a purpose in this world

My purpose is to make people smile

Keep believing how gorgeous life is with a smile

I am from letting go of the pain.

With the little girl trying to touch the sky



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