I am from poverty’s paradise

By Olivier Valcin  |   From : Clifton Park, NY  |   School : Shenendehowa H.S.

I am from poverty’s paradise.

I am from the land of mountains where the sunlight kisses the mountains before it sets.

I am from a beautiful place where beautiful days are spent eating mangos on the balcony,

where families come together to watch the soccer games.

I am from where it is hot, where we do not see snow.

I am from a place where it is easy to become homesick and want to come home.

I am from a place where legacies are born, where people do anything to reach their goals.

I am from the land of sweet, sweet sugar cane and watermelons.

I am from the open road and new found travel.

I am from a place that encourages improvement.

I am here now in a place that will never replace the home in my heart.

I am in a place where expectations are never what you think they’d be.

I am in a place where your effort determines your future.

I am in a place where love is where your family is, even though sometimes I want to have all the people I love near me in one place.

I am not the same.

Every place I have ever been to has left an imprint on my identity.

I am in the next chapter of my life where I learn new things, meet new people and encounter new experiences.

I am a boy from poverty’s paradise in the city where I live on in pursuit of my goals with the island of memories in my heart.

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