I am from tin houses on the outskirts of a corrupt capital

By Mez Ashley  |   From : Bayonne, NJ  |   School : Bayonne High School


“I am from tin houses on the outskirts of a corrupt capital where the calm of the sound of rainfall was quickly washed away by the sounds of guerrilleros and gun shots.”

“I am from a place where corruption rules the government and the people have no say.”

“I am from a country that pays the local gang members just to be able to walk to school and not fear death on the way.”

“I am from the dirt roads that become mud puddles I jump in after a heavy rainfall.”

“I am from the countryside where looking out my front window I could see the farmers picking or in the endless looking green and beige fields.”

“I am from long walks down to the river to collect fresh water for the day where milk and eggs came fresh from the farm out back.”

“I am from no running water, electricity or sidewalks exists yet must continue to look for a way to succeed.”

“I am from a family who works together to prepare the daily meal we consume.”

“I am from pupusas, tamales, and atol de lote”

“I am from a family where presence at the dinner table is mandatory and not a choice”

“I am from a family of just my mom and dad where being an only child has been hard at times but having a huge extended family has been a blessing”

“I am from a mother who raised me as best she could while working multiple jobs.”

“I am from a father who always stood strong with my mother in any decision she made about me.”

“I am from a small room in the apartment where music is my get away from reality.”

“I am from a family who struggled to be successful in the United States but will overcome obstacles to achieve my dream.”

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