I am from where the sun is my father

By Diego Quiteno  |   From : Miramar, FL  |   School : Everglades High School

I am from El Salvador, the holy country

and great creations of mud brick

I am from walls plated in zinc and gold.

I am from the lack of stone, which made every pebble precious.

I am from the water-clock to tell the time of day

I am from the festival of Mishtkov Buylshu to ward off evil

I am from the sacrifice of innocent animals to ensure god’s happiness

and from the tower of peace, in the plain of town.

I am from the hanging gardens, built to please the queen

and from my bird-resembled amulet, that keeps me safe at night

I am from every sport

I am from Shamash the sun god, and Ishtar the goddess of love and war.

I am fro daily preaches of cleansing and purifying the temples

And from the wealthy giving offerings

I am from the code of Hammurabi

and from lex talionis.

I am from legal rights to women and slaves

I am from the physician and the exorcist, who were trusted very much

I am from cuneliform records that held our knowledge and from the arranged marriages and marriage markets.

I am from Central America, the holy

The sun is my father.

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