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I am from…

By Katia Collaguazo  |   From : Bloomfield, NJ  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a lovely family,

From those strong hugs,

I am from my sweet mom Veronica,

My dad Rene, my sister Dayana, my brother Javi,

From those sweet kisses

That I love so much

I am from that smell of Ecuadorian food: Chaulafan,

Yellow rice with sausage, eggs, onion, meat, Chinese sauce

And shrimp.



I am from the white flowers

that grow in the grass,

From that wind that combs my hair softly,

The laughter of children in the park

Playing with their parents,

I am from the green trees,

Tall, light green,

From the smell of cotton candy,

That sweet, pink and sticky cotton candy.

I am from that smell of Ecuadorian foods,

Ceviche, Encebollado, Yaguarlocro, Churrasco,

Those soups with onion, two of them with fish and

The others with cow’s blood, cow’s guts, and that smell of

Meat with eggs, rice, banana, salad and french fries,

From the park where everyone is happy

Playing, laughing, eating, talking,

where everyone is a friend,

And the night is beautiful.

I am from the street full of colored lights, with those

Big screens hugging buildings,

From the people walking with their children,

Smiling, singing, dancing,

I am from Latin music, bachata, merengue,

Salsa, reggaeton, national music,

From those dances moving the arms, feet, the body,

Dancing like there’s no tomorrow.


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