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I am what i am

By Malka-Lou Ayache  |   From : Marseille, France  |   School : Lycee St Charles

Hi dear reader,

I would love to write the story of my family, a Jewish family who had to escape from Algeria during its war of Independence.

Should I tell you that I’m a bad loser or just tell that competition attracts me a lot?

I’d like to write about my passion for art and the big importance I give to theatre.

Do you think it’s too personal to write that I took some baths in the backstage of a Spanish theatre when I was three month old?

Is it more important for you to know that I’m a soy sauce fan or that making collages relaxes me a lot?

Do you think it’s valuable to say that at the age of 11 I went to Brazil for a month on my own?

I don’t know if I should write about my name’s origin rather than explain the feeling of freedom I have when I’m dancing.

Do you think I should talk about hatred I have towards poodles or the love I have to my turtle and my cat?

I’d like to tell you about people I met who changed the person I am.

Should I write about my big sense of humor or about how serious and organized I can be?

Is it interesting to say that as a child I used to go to the playground with my mom but instead of playing with the other children I was seated on a bench observing them.

In the case it’s interesting do you think I should link it with the fact that I couldn’t stand to be at the children’s table during the dinner?

Is it crucial to write about the feeling I had to have all the pain of the world on my shoulder on the 8th of January 2015?

Do I have to add that the day before was my fourteenth anniversary?

Is it crucial to transmit what a teacher told me when he saw me crying?

Do I have to quote all the stupid questions some people asked me?

Do I have to justify myself?

Is it arrogant to say that I felt like if I were the only one concerned and that I needed to do something?

Do you think I should explain how I acted?

Is it relevant to speak about how I started to get involved in the life of my school?

Do you think student representatives are important?

Do you think I should revolt, saying that children are not considered as they should?

Do you think it’s too tragic to write in big letters that WE HAVE AN OPINION?

Do I have to mention the creation of a debate club at school called: Republic’s Ambassadors.

Do you think it’s heroic or just normal to offer help to people in need by giving them a fruit and a coffee every Friday morning?

Do you think I should stop this presentation?

Do you think it should give more attractive details?

More intimate?

Do you need to know my name?

Do you think you know me better now?


Malka-Lou Ayache

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