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I felt uncomfortable

By Madelson Anulysse  |   From : Belle Glade (Florida)  |   School : Glades Central High School

In my country there are riches. We have gold and diamonds; we have beautiful rivers and the most beautiful sea in the world. We have birds and butterflies flying and singing above us, and there are a lot beautiful flowers. In Haiti we have a lot of vegetables in our gardens. In Haiti with my family we used to play lago kache; logo kache is the most awesome game that all children like. When there is rain, children come into the rain to have fun and play logo kache. In Haiti there is happiness, there is fun, and there is food, but if you do not have money, and you do not have a garden, life is difficult. I have now been in America about 3 years. The first day I came to the United States of America I was so happy.  America is different from Haiti.  I do not pay for coming to school in the United States of America; everybody comes to school for free. I did not know English when I came here; it was hard for me to speak. I felt uncomfortable and strange, because I did not know the language. Now everything is better, because I can speak and write English.  I am now in 12th grade. My goal is to graduate from high school and go to college to have a better job.  I want to help myself and my family, and I want to become a police officer in the future.


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