I fight for my dreams

By Andrea Roda Solares  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : East Boston High School

My first day in the United States I felt very sad because my beautiful family and my grandmother all lived in Guatemala.  But here I met my parents that I hadn’t seen for ten years. I almost felt happy when I came here on the first day. My parents went with me to dinner to buy clothes, shoes, and many things.  I felt happy but I didn’t stop thinking about my family in Guatemala. On the first day here I saw many things and different people, places and jobs. I felt strange because I hadn’t lived with my parents for ten years and everything changed for me.  But with each passing day I felt better and better because my parents made me feel very good. They gave me a lot of love and talked to me every day. I am happy here in the United States, but I am missing my native country, my traditions, and most importantly my grandmother and my family.  But here almost everything is good, but most importantly I feel good with my brothers and my family in the United States.

I felt very sad when my parents decided to move here.   I Was living alone with my grandmother and my older brothers and my family.  But at the time I felt happy because I could see my parents. I hadn’t seen them for ten years.  On the day before I was coming to the United States, I remember that I was in Guatemala. I remember the food, the moles.  I remember the parks, and many other things about Guatemala. I cry when I think about Guatemala because Guatemala is very beautiful.  That day my grandmother had a farewell party for me. I felt very sad because I miss my grandmother so much. She is the best. She is my everything.  I cry for my family in Guatemala. The day I came here all my family went with me to the airport. This day was very sad and I was very depressed. All my family was crying and was very sad.  When I went to the airplane alone I felt bad and I was crying all the time. I was sad, very sad. My life changed a lot and I haven’t’ seen my grandmother and all my family.

I felt very happy one day when my grandmother had a big party on my uncle’s farm.  I remember that my family and friends gave me very good presents. I stayed at my family’s farm because my uncle had very cute animals and my friends stayed there with me.  The party was excellent because there was music, food, games. I will never forget that day. I think it was the best party I ever had.

My happiest day in the United States is when my grandmother came here to visit me.  I was feeling very happy because my grandmother is my everything. She took care of me when I was 5 years old.  She is very good. Now I feel very excited because she is coming here. I want her to live here with me, but no.  She says she is only visiting because my cousins and my family in Guatemala are missing her. But I am trying to convince her to live here with me because I feel mad when my other brothers want her.  I don’t like to share my grandmother. I really love here and feel very happy because she is coming here for Christmas.

Sometimes now I feel sad, but the majority of the time I feel happy because when I have a problem I feel very bad and I cry.  I fight for my dreams. I Really want to be a forensic scientist. I am really happy because I love my family, my friends and my boyfriend.  I like to watch movies with my boyfriend and spend time with him and eat big ice creams, and sleep and practice soccer. I don’t like staying home and feeling sad, only staying in my room.  The thing I want to change is to have my grandmother stay here with me. In the future I want to be a forensic scientist. I like to make investigations. In the future I want to have a family and be a professional.  I want to finish high school and have a home. I think my future is going to be very good and I will have a house, car and a dog. I Really like dogs.


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