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I had to walk in the desert

By Lorenzo  |   From : Winter Springs, FL  |   School : Winter Springs HS

My Life in Guatemala

Well I lived with my family, I never had any problems with them and they treated me well. I went to school, they told me that I should get ready to keep going to school. That was when I was studying because I only studied for four years and what a shame that I didn’t continue because I started to work. This was my school where I studied and my parents supported me in continuing my studies but I didn’t want to keep going because I’d found a job. Thank you to my parents who wanted me to study but what a shame that I didn’t want to keep going because I really liked my job and I thank my family for their support…


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…Coming home from school I’d go play soccer with my friends in the afternoons. My friends treated me well because I could play well and they’d ask when I was going to the Olympics and they’d ask if I wanted to go because I liked soccer. Around then I found my job and I dedicated myself to it and then I wasn’t playing anymore because I needed to work to help my parents…

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This was my house where I lived. I always liked  planting plants in my house and I’d plant them well so that they’d come up looking so nice and I was always taking care of them so they’d grow quickly. I’d sell the plants to people that wanted to buy them and that’s when I started to work because I’d gotten some experience.
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And, unfortunately, after that I left my studies and started to work. I found a job cutting
down trees and finally started getting some job experience. My parents told me to continue
my studies but I told them no I don’t want to study because I need to have my things that I
still don’t have and this was my job. After that my parents were finally convinced that I
wasn’t going back to school and with the job I found I’d help them with their expenses.
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And when I turned 15 years old they held a party for me and congratulated me and thank god it’s been 15 years. Yes, thank god that we were healthy and blessed and thank god that I was able to help my little brothers get ahead and study. I told them to support my little brothers that were going into school and that they should keep going at it and everything thanks to my wonderful parents. Since I’d finally turned 15 years old I told them that I was thinking of coming over here to the United States.

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And they said, “Why do you want to come over here if you’re fine here.” Then I said, “Yes, I’m doing fine here but I want to meet my goals that I have and if I stay here the whole time then I won’t get what I want.” They told me, “you’re not leaving here until you turn 18 and then you can go.” I kept begging.


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My Life in the United States
Well to get up here into this country you need to travel various days. I did the trip in 7 days to get here to this country. I had to travel through Mexico and I came on a truck and yes, thank god everything went well on my journey. When I arrived at the Mexican border I was there for 3 days at the border and after that they pulled me out and I had to walk.

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I had to walk in the desert and around 10pm immigration found me. I said thank god I’m free without any more risks and thank god who is everything good and from there they took to where they keep the underage children. I was there for 7 days sleeping in the cold and I was there along with some kids that I’d helped come out of the desert and they left after me.

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And after that they took me out of there and into the underage children shelter. There, I found my friends. I was so happy because I thought that I was going to have to be there by myself without any friends I knew. I also found my cousin in there. I studied and sometimes we’d play soccer in the afternoons and on the weekends we’d play with water and make drawings to see who could do the most.

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