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I miss China

By Tong Lin  |   From : China  |   School : Spanish River High School

I came to USA by airplane. It took me 21 hours to get here. It was a long time. I came here 8 months ago. At first, I was not used to American life. Because there are many differences from my country. For example, in my country we don’t have to change the class every period; we have to stay at one classroom. But in USA we have to change the class every period. In my country we finish school at 6:00 PM. But here we finish at 2:50 PM. And the food is very different, too. In China we have rice, noodle, dumplings… In USA we have pizza, hamburgers, french fries… The big problem is the language. I only know a little bit English before I came to USA. At first I cannot understand what people are saying. It’s difficult for me to understand it. Sometimes I miss my friends, hometown, Chinese food… But I can’t do anything.

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