I miss her

By Marie  |   From : Colorado  |   School : Silverton Middle School

I came to my dad’s from my mom’s house. Then I found out what happened. My grandma had been sick and had been in the hospital; she had been moved to the house Michelle and my dad bought in Montrose. I was sad and worried about what happened to her. Then I found out she got sick because there was mold found in her house. I did not see her in the hospital, but she was on oxygen. The next time I saw her, it was the first time I went to the Montrose house ever and I saw the house. The house was white with a green roof, and the garage was bigger than the house! My grandma looked sick. I noticed that she was on oxygen and she was a lot slower and more tired. My grandma smelled like lemon scented dishwasher soap. I heard the oxygen tank because it was very loud. Other than me and my grandma, there was my dad, Michelle my dad’s girlfriend, Bonnie my little sister, Ajax and Jade who are my dogs. Bonnie was really surprised because she came to my dad’s house at the same time as me. They were checking up on my grandma and seeing how she was doing. They were saying things like, “How are you doing?” and “Do you need anything?” I think I felt sad and also glad that she was still alive. I wanted her to live longer and stay healthy. The memory that sticks out to me is when I walked through the door and I saw how tired and weary she looked. It helped me to learn that everyone has struggles in their life, no matter how perfect it looks on the outside. This helped shape me as a person because I persevered through a difficult experience. When this happened I was 11. So this wasn’t that long ago – it was last summer. When we went to the Montrose house to visit her I was so happy to see that she was okay. A couple months later my grandpa moved out and into a new apartment (I’m still not sure which apartment she lives in). But wow she lives in an apartment that she bought. The last time I saw her was when we met at Starvin Arvins ( my favorite restaurant). Every time I go there I get homemade crepes and sometimes eggs. I still don’t know if she sold her house yet in Silverton because we are still taking care of it. I miss her.

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