I still want to cheer

By Stefano Sanchez  |   From : Spain  |   School : Bloomfield High School



Covid has changed my life a lot

Staying inside all day

is not that bad, 

but it gets worse. 

I hope it goes away, 

gone like a fad.

When covid is over 

I will want to cheer. 

I really hope it’s gone 

sometime this year.


Covid makes me 

spend the whole day 

locked in my house. 

It frustrates me a lot 

I would like to see my school 

for the first time,  

since I’m new, 

and I still have not 

seen it inside and 

I don’t know many people.


I don’t like wearing a mask, 

I find it very 

uncomfortable and annoying.

That’s another thing 

I don’t like about covid.


One thing I do like is that 

sometimes I don’t see 

so many people in some places.


-Stefano Sanchez, Spain

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