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I want to be free and be myself

By Morgan  |   From : Saint Denis, France  |   School : Lycee Suger

My life…

My name is Morgane I’m 18 years old blablabla. In reality I don’t like traditional presentations. It’s not original. I have to tell you everything about myself. There are many things that I love and things that I don’t like. I’m crazy about writing. I love writing about my life, my feelings, many things like this. I’m very easy-going and I am close to the people. I love speaking, speaking about the news or anything interesting.

I am so tired to have to go to school and do homework ! I like school but sometimes I don’t like school, it is strange. I yearn for leaving school and work. I want to be an editor, I love that : staying alone in the editing room and working on editing. I love people, new people, I love meeting new people who don’t know me. I love innovations and discovering new cultures, persons and places. But I love also the old things, like old places, old objects, anything like this.

What about my family? So I was born in France but I’m not totally French. My grand mother, the mother of my dad, was born in Vietnam, and the grand father of my mom was born in Poland and the grand father of my dad was born in Spain. So when my friends tell me «Hey were do you come from?», I answer «from all around the world». Okey I was born in France But my family was born in different countries, so I am not really French. I’m a mix. and I love that. My origins makes me different because I am not only French but my origins are from all around the world and my culture is different from the other people.
I want to live in another country. I like change. I’m not always with the same things or people. My friends are different. I don’t like normality, I love originality. I want to be free and be myself.

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