I want to be her boyfriend

By Carlos  |   From : Winter Springs, FL  |   School : Winter Springs HS

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My Life in Guatemala

Well my story in Guatemala is this: I lived happily with my mom because I would go out with my friends to play soccer in a small field and a bunch of us would get together there. The game was to bet some small amounts of money, like 10 quetzals from each team. I also had a cousin that I got along with very well and he lived close to my house…

And we would also go gather firewood up a mountain that was a little far away from the house. It took like an hour and a half and it wasn’t easy to climb but we liked it. When we came back we’d meet up with other friends and we’d all come down together with all the friends we had. We’d go down to our houses and drink lemon soda and then my cousin would go back to his house and I would go take a bath and after my bath I’d eat a piece of roasted chicken with everyone, my mom, my brothers and my sisters.

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That’s what we’d do on Saturdays and on Sundays me and a brother
would go to a plaza were they sold fruits, vegetables, meat and also
cooked foods that were really good. And we’d buy good things and
after buying things we’d come home. You had to go find a car because it was very far, like two hours far. When we’d get back to our house my sister would give us a really cold soda. After my friend said, “hey, let’s go drive around and see what we find’” and I’d said…

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…“How long are we gonna be out there” and he said, “we’ll go at 3:30 and come back at 7:00” and I said, “all right but let’s take some friends so we don’t get in trouble. There’s a guy who’s got it out for me.” He said, “why? What’d you do to him?” and I said, “I didn’t do anything to that idiot. Well he doesn’t want me to talk to his cousin but that girl’s real pretty and says she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Ahh well I want to be her boyfriend and a friend of hers told me…

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…that she also wants me and she didn’t want to keep waiting for me to talk to her. Now if I see her I’m gonna tell her that I like her a lot. Well that’s why he’s yelling at me” and my friend said, “well whatever”.

After a while I went to water my mule that I had whose name was Moor because she was kind of dark so I called her that. There was a river close to my house so I went to that river. Later I tied her up in a spot where there was a field so she could eat and so she’d be ok and not get super skinny and lose all her strength.

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After, I’d go back to my house. I’d get changed, put on clothes to go
out and grab a tiny speaker. It was a car that you’d put a usb with
music in and then it’d turn on and it’d play music like mafia ballads.

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My Life in the United States

This is a new story now about the United States. Well, when I came
from Guatemala I’d come sure that I was going to make it and make
something and learn other things that maybe I don’t know. Over here
in the United States it’s very beautiful because there’s things that I
didn’t know about and I like the smell of the flowers the most.

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And I also like soccer because that’s the funnest game to me, I don’t know about other people. Over here in the afternoons we’ll play with some friends that live close to my house. They have a ball so we can go play with them over there in a field and we’ll take with us these little water bottles for when we get thirsty.

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