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I was born in Bosnia

By Ajid  |   From : Beziers  |   School : Lycée Jean Moulin

I was born in Bosnia.

In Bosnia, after the war it was difficult to find job because after the independence of Bosnia the president wanted to keep the money of local taxes and he didn’t create jobs. 

Moreover my parents had problem with the Serbian people because they had testified against Serbian crimes of war. 

After that my parents decided to go to France to find a job and for my education, my uncle helped us to cross frontiers .

When we arrived in France we lived for a long time in the streets, we didn’t have much money and it was difficult in winter .

After we were supported by one organization in Lyon for the immigration. There, we found friends and other Bosnian immigrants.  My father found a job in Montpellier and a family welcomed my family in their house .

After, my mother found a job in Béziers.  We moved to a house that we bought. We moved with my sister who was just born .

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