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I was born in Mexico

By Cesar  |   From : Belle Glade (Florida)  |   School : Glades Central High School

I was born in Mexico in the State of Guanajuato.  I did not live in the city; I lived in a community outside the city called San Nicolas. I grew up there and studied at school.  Where I lived was very nice, because it was my home. We had a garden with flowers, both little and big. Where I lived smelled like roses in the morning and evening and like fresh herbs almost all day. The heat where I lived felt great, because I lived around trees where I could breathe fresh air and go stroll in the evening.

In my room and throughout the house you could find pictures of me when I was little and of my family and other things that identify me. The names of my family are:  my father is Alfredo, my mother is Alicia, and my two brothers are Alfredo and Ulises.

The two traditions of my family are celebrating a fifteenth birthday, and celebrating saints. It is customary to have festivities with lots of food and dancing.

Words are important as my family loves to talk to other people, loves the words of love, and often say oh God and God mine..

Some beliefs that represent where I live are Day of the Dead on November 2 when dead is celebrated, the Day of love and Friendship on February 2, the Day of Kings on January 6, and Christmas on December 25 and the new year on the 31st. The food that is important in my family are the tacos, pozole and mole. These are the traditional dishes of Mexico and sometimes tamales. Some important memories of my childhood is that when I was little my mom and I performed a party to celebrate my graduation, and I made another party to celebrated my birthday. The climate where I am from is a bit cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon, and it is also sometimes rainy. People where I’m from are accustomed to having parties and sometimes hold events where you can go eat what you like for free. My favorite things are listening to music, chatting on the phone with my friends and watching TV.


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