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I worry about my dad when I see his job.

By Luis  |   From : New York, NY  |   School : Louis Armstrong Middle School

I interviewed my dad. His name is Angel. He moved from Mexico to New York. The last person he remember before leaving his country was his sister, mother, father and two brothers. The person he met is friend. The new people he met his my mom. He found work doing construction. The reason he left was a better life and to give money to his family. In his country people have to speak Spanish and

When he arrived, his opinion of American food was different. The pizza tastes different from here. Some foods are the same from his country. He remembered that there were tamales that tasted the same. The biggest challenge was to earn money to give to his family in Mexico. He works in construction. He has to fix some things like wires and furniture. I remember one day when I was little I went to his job. I got scared and wanted to go home. I felt different. I missed home when I was at his work. I worried about my dad when I saw his job. He may get hurt.

I interviewed my mom. Her name is Maria. She moved from Mexico to New York. The last person she remembers before she leaving was her family; mom, dad, brother, and sister. The new person she met was my dad. When she arrived her opinion of American food was the same and different from her country. The biggest challenge was to take care of me and my family, and for me to go to college and get a better life. The challenge was overcome because I am in 7th grade. My sister is in 4th grade and my brother is in school.

My mom and dad lived in Mexico in villages. They lived near farms. There were people who worked on farms. I feel for my dad and mom with sadness because they don’t have it easy and they have to work. In this country, I feel happy because my dad and mom and my brother and sister play together. We play soccer, play video games and ride our bikes. It was a hard journey for my parents to get here. To sum this up, my parents made the right choice and do what their parents wanted them to have.


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