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I am from a family who raised me to be unafraid of speaking up

By Elizabeth Gomes  |   From : Bayonne, NJ  |   School : Bayonne High School

Where I’m From

I am from an area of high diversity,
a city known for having the world’s largest dome IMAX theatre.
I am from the city Frank Sinatra dwelled in at the start of his career,
home of the first ever skyway.
I am from Jersey City.
I am from the Garden State.

I am from my Bangladeshi parents,
whose blood runs through my veins.
I am from James and Jacqueline,
From Robert and Elizabeth,
From Andrew and Monica.
I am from the family who share the memories of
staying up on Christmas until seven o’clock in the morning,
eating and celebrating with our immensely large family.
I am from a family who always bothered me on my birthday
to give me warm birthday wishes through a phone call.

I am from a family who believes
that blood is thicker than water.
I am from a culture known for its conservative nature.
I am someone who is deemed “rebellious” for not agreeing with these views.
I am a person who aspires to be like Taslima Nasreen.

I am from a home full of my old doll collections,
from a home full of traditional Bangladeshi artwork.
I am from a home full of proud memories with my family,
from a family who are proud that their next generation
of children are Bangladeshi Americans.
I am a person who is unapologetic for enjoying
anything that involves anything creative, such as books and art.
I am unapologetic for embracing my feminine side,
for not censoring what I believe in.
I am from a family who raised me to be unafraid of speaking up.

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