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I’m cuban and I like Korean Culture

By Roselin  |   From : Cuba  |   School : Workman Middle School (FL)

Hi, I am Roselin, I am cuban, despite being from Cuba I don’t like Cuban culture. I really prefer Korean culture, I love K-pop, I will say some words in Korean because it is my favorite language. My favorite food is ramen and spaghetti. I like to eat but never be fat. When I am an adult I will be a lawyer so my family can be proud of me.

Hello I am Roselin, I am from Cuba. My family is made up of my 2 older sisters, my mom and my grandparents, but I have 2 younger siblings from my father’s side.

I came to America because my grandparents said to me in Cuba I did not have a promising future. I was mainly asked so we could be together as a whole family.

I like K-pop music, and my favorite colors are black and violet.

Now I am 13 years old, so from here to 10 years I would already be in college studying a very good and useful career for this country. I will try very hard to give everything back to this country.


Yo soy de cuba , no se si la conoscan

Es un país muy lindo en muchos aspectos

Tiene cosas malas como todos, por supuesto

Tiene provincias muy lindas como Matanzas y Santa Clara

Yo antes vivia en Matanzas, vivía de Varadero, de seguro lo conocen

Tiene una playa natural de aguas cristalinas, nunca voy a olvidar la blanca arena de la playa ,

Mi familia por parte de madre ya lleva mucho tiempo aquí, ellos son los que me apoyan para aprender el idioma de este país

este lugar en donde vivo ahora con mi familia es hermoso, realmente me gusta mucho

Ahora vivo aqui y le prometo a este pais ser útil en el futuro 🙂



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