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I’m Emilie

By Emilie  |   From : Courneuve, France  |   School : Lycee Jacques Brel

Hey guys,
I’m Emilie – I’m 17 years old and I’m French. I live in Le Bourget, it’s beside Paris in France.
I’m a little crazy with my friends. I’ve two little sisters Celine (the girl in left) and Justine, they have 15 years
old. We are in the High School Jacques Brel at La Courneuve. I like Asian’s Cultures mainly the culture of
South Korea and Japan. I love listen music for example the Korean-Pop, the most important band for me is
Infinite, and Japan-Rock with Back-On, but I listen also French and American music, I LOVE SOO MUCH
TAYLOR SWIFT ! I practice swimming. I also love to read many books, at home I have over a hundred, and if I
add mangas I can easily reach 150 books. I’ve a boyfriend, he is Alex I so in love.


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