I’m ready to start my journey

By Josselin  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : Lake Worth High School

My name is Josselin and I am from El Salvador. My family and I have immigrated to the United States because we wanted to have a better future and a better life. I have been in school for one year and four months. I will always remember my family and my friends who I left behind. I remember my grandmother’s words saying, “never give up because you have to be someone important.”   My happiest moment in my country was celebrating my birthday with my family, friends and neighbors. My saddest moment was when I left my family in my country. I came alone to this country and my journey was really hard. During this journey, I was always feeling lonely and sad because the people around me were not my family. I used to pray every night hoping that nothing bad would happen to me.  Immigrants take the risk of dying through the process of moving here. My biggest fear about coming to U.S.A. was that everything would be different and I could experience racism. I was looking forward to meet with my family to be happily together. Our purpose here is to have a better future and to move forward to have a better life.

My first week in USA was difficult.  I remember feeling weird in my house; my new life style was totally different.  It was hard for me to be with people, but not knowing anybody. I felt the same way in school.  I did not know the language and did not understand anything. I felt so alone and bored because I did not have anybody to talk to. I have experienced many feelings.  My happiest moment in America is sharing great moments with my family and friends. My saddest is not being able to see or be with my grandmother.

Now, when I open my eyes, I see my mother, my father and my brother.  I feel  very good because I am with them since I did not have the opportunity to be with them as I was growing up.  I didn’t have the chance to tell my feelings and about the things I was going through in school. I couldn’t share many things like the happy and sad moments with my friends.  Now that I am with them, I have the opportunity to do all the things that I did not do with them before.

I give thanks to God because of Him I am here alive, healthy, and ready to make my future.  Thank God for making my dream come true: being with my family after 12 years of waiting . When I open my eyes, I am in school and I see people from different countries-students and teachers-,and I say “I’m ready to start my journey”.  Around me there are really good people that as time has passed by I have learned to care and appreciate.

I have learned from this experience that one can be able to meet one’s goals and dreams.  Some of my dreams are to be a lawyer, get a car, a house, and help my family . I have never thought I would immigrate to this country and now I am here fighting for my dreams and learning a new language.  Remember, “never give up, you have to fight for your dreams”. I want people to know that I have a beautiful stable life next to my parents doing what I like to do,studying.


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