I’m still standing

By Fernando   |   From : Mexico  |   School : Glades Central Community High School

Hi, my name is Fernando Guzman. I was born in Guerrero, Mexico. There was no work and the salary was very low so we had to leave. When I was eighteen, I came to the United States to work.I came to the state of Florida to work. I never thought I would study again since my thoughts were to work.

However I had the opportunity to study and learn English since it is a problem not to speak English.But it was difficult because I did not understand anything and my first week at this school was somewhat difficult because in my first period the teacher explained and talked and me like what did you say, I felt nervous because I didn’t know what language he was speaking.  The job I had when I got here was hard work because I was working under the sun all day to collect corn. I’m not complaining because I was starting to earn some money so it was fine for me. Then my brother found me a less difficult job to do though I worked in the sun but I was earning more than in my previous job.

Although right now I have  a dilemma because I do not know what to do, stay in school or work better. Now I am living with my dad although our communication is not that good. Sometimes I think it is better to be with my mom but she is now in Mexico.  Even though she can come to see me it is not the same. The atmosphere in my house is not so good. communication with my father is not pleasant and the reason is that my father was not with me in my childhood and growing up without a father is something difficult and sometimes painful, since you do not have that person to give you advice. When I ask him como estas? He says nothing  now. It’s hard to talk to him because I don’t have affection for him because he was never with me as a child and wanting to win affection now is difficult for both of us. 

At the end of everything I’m still standing. I’ve been through and experienced many good and bad things, but now I’m learning new things like another language, new jobs, new friends.  It’s hard I know but everything can be done if you have faith in yourself, I’m studying and learning English little by little and that is important for my future, so I can only say that life is not easy but it is not impossible either.

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