I am an immigrant, but also a GROWING teenager

By EunJung  |   From : Clifton Park, NY  |   School : Shenendehowa H.S.

I am a passionable Korean who LOVES my cultures

Just cute sixteen turning to seventeen in hot July

I am here to experience new world in new year!


My IDEAS, My THOUGHTS… scared to express!

How you feel in this unknown island?

There is only one person who find out something

Something that no one has had before



I am studying NEW language

Knowing is different than understanding and accepting

Living in this selfish world, who really care of you?

Everyone spend hard time on being familiar


I was so excited to come here

My dad told me that I could go

Unfortunately, I was losing my interests in

I was not happy but still expect a lot


Before I came to the BIG APPLE

I went to the west coast

It was really hot and cool!

I thought it would be similar

It was NOT

It was more friendly


People who I know and meet

think younger would quickly learn more

I think differently

I am a just person and learner

I am not a younger

Just younger in my family


Every words you described yourself

That would not delivered to another well

Your language from none

We all have different memories

It’s your own cultures and thoughts of

something you learn your way



Being upset and depressed


no one really understand

in this self-center world


Stand up and walk into the somewhere

Somewhere you feel free

Do whatever I want to do

That is another world.

And this is the ANOTHER world.


I am tired of being here

But I will make it through

I will expand my land, my mind, and my story


Hey! I am here! I am a JUST person!

Just special immigrant

who you can see everywhere

who will overcome well


Could it be happened? Already failed few

When does I wake up for against this?

Where may I find mine?


What’s REAL? Who’s me?

Confused Frustrated Exhausted

All the same time Can’t miss my sting!


Wanna be CLEAR

Like taking all of speeches

including anger, desperation, evil

I can’t, Too overthinking, Too caring


Help me ?! Help me ?!

I don’t want to say

Cause I am here with none

No one understand me



Even I don’t know how to describe

Who can be?

Don’t tell that you do

You actually don’t

Or I can’t accept maybe


I am an immigrant, but also a GROWING teenager

for a bright and unclouded FUTURE

Should be independent person

Means I must stand up with my two legs!

Means I must have respect and responsibility

Means I NEVER want to be

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