Being an immigrant is not easy

By Shacheli  |   From : Cuba  |   School : Lake Worth High School

I am Shacheli, and I am from Cuba.  My family and I came to the United States to have a better life in 2016  I came with my sister years after my dad was already here. I have been in school for a year and half so far.  I have great memories of my country. When I close my eyes I remember my friends, and the good times we had, having fun, doing pranks and crazy things. It was fun to play football on the streets or put pebbles on the street so the cars’ tires get flat.  I remember many things. My happiest memory was when we surprised our dad telling him that we were coming to the USA to be with him after so many years. In contrast, the saddest moment was to leave Cuba and say goodbye to my family.

I came with my sister by airplane.  It was an easy journey compared to the sacrifices my dad had to go through to get to the United States. He came in a boat, sailing and boating many days in rough waters at sea.  It was not an easy journey to achieve, but it was not impossible either, and he made it safely. Our biggest fear was not being able to abide and adapt to a new chapter in our lives.  There would be many things that would change from that day on. My biggest hope was coming here to know the place that I’ve always dreamed of and looked for to have a better future. When I open my eyes, I see a new country.  I see new things different from my country. For example, big streets, tall buildings, large beaches, and beautiful and pure nature. My happiest memory in this country was when I arrived and my dad gave me the love and affection I needed it.   The saddest moment was when I started school and I couldn’t communicate with others because they didn’t speak my language.

My first weeks in Florida were difficult because I had to stay alone and unable to do things because I did not know how things work here.  My first day of school was difficult as well because the school was huge compared to Cuba’s and I got lost. It was an awful feeling. I had to learn my way around because no one helped me.  This experience has helped me learn that things are difficult but no impossible. I have met many people and I have noticed changes on me. It is hard to leave your country and your family, but it is worth to make the sacrifice.   My goal is to be a surgeon or pediatrician. My dream is to be a doctor and I know if I do my part, I can make it true.

Being an immigrant is not easy, but it does not matter how hard the road is or the obstacles you go through, you can achieve everything  you want with determination.


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