I am an immigrant of the United States of America.

By Momtahina  |   From : Staten Island, NY  |   School : Susan Wagner High School

My name is Momtahina. I am 16 years old. I am an immigrant of the United States of America.
Immigration is when someone moved from one country to another country to live there but they are not born there. I was born in Bangladesh. Therefore, my nationality is Bengali. I moved to America when I was twelve years old. It was so hard for me to leave my country, relatives and friends. I knew that I am going to come to America at some point but I didn’t knew that it would be that much hard to leave my relatives and friends. But what I knew was that if I come to America I would get a better life. At least, a better life than I would get in Bangladesh.

Still, it was hard for me to leave people who I knew for twelve years. The most important person in my life
who I had to leave is my Grandmother. It was so hard for me to leave her because she wasn’t only my grandma, she was more of my mother. She raised me since I was born. She took care of me like her daughter not like her grand-daughter. But, after I came here I try to get along with my relatives in here. Beside that I try to stay without my grandmother. After I came here I start to go to the school. I was so afraid to go to a school because at that time my English wasn’t that good and I thought people would make fun of me if I say something wrong.

But, after I started the school I realized that whatever I had thought is wrong. In the school the teachers
are so nice. Also, they helped me with what I had hard time. In addition, the students are so nice too. They becameso friendly with me and helped me in every single way they could.
Now I am so happy with my life. I am happy to be here. It’s a big opportunity for me to stay here. Also, to
get education and fulfill my dreams.

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