immigration caught me in the desert

By Marvin  |   From : Winter Springs, FL  |   School : Winter Springs HS

My Life in Guatemala

In Guatemala I’d go in the mornings to school every day of the week. After I’d go with my dad and my brothers to work right after school. When I got home I’d do my homework. I did all the homework I had from school and all my grades were good in school and then I left school.

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I left school to work and help my parents. For a year I saved everything I earned so I
could move. And every year we’d plant more and more and some years we’d sell it
but most of the harvest was for my family. And we were very happy with everything
we had. And it kept growing. I would go work far away for two months and then
come back.

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In Guatemala I also had animals to take care of, cows and horses and sheep. I
gathered their food every day and took them to graze and sometimes when we
had too many animals we’d sell them or butcher them to eat and to sell the meat.

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In Guatemala I was very happy because I had my whole family with me, my mother and my friends. I had a lot of fun with all my friends and my brothers and I would go on trips with my family. It was great to do all that stuff with my family and my friends.

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And I came to America and my whole life changed, all my days changed. I became very sad because my mom was sad for me. And all my happiness was over and all my friends stayed behind and were sad too.
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And when it happened in Mexico I was very sad for my family and on the day I arrived at the border I was by myself. That day I needed my family with me because I didn’t know anyone. .

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But then they came and took me into the desert where immigration caught me and took me to jail and put me in the cold one night. Afterwards they pulled me out of there and took me to the shelter where they kept other immigrants like me.

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My Life in the United States
And when I came into the United States I didn’t know places and people, this country was very different compared to Guatemala.
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And after starting school everything was very different and the school was big. They talked another language and I felt uncomfortable because I didn’t know any English.
But there in school they teach things differently than in Guatemala but I want to learn more of the English language so I can get ahead with my studies and achieve my dreams.
It took a long time to get used to it but know I’m learning another language and it’s very hard to learn but I’m slowly getting it and studying so the new language sticks more.

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