In Thailand, I knew a lot of things. Here, everything is new for me.

By Ta Mwee Sae  |   From : Phoenix, AZ  |   School : Central High School

My name is Ta Mwee Sae. This is my story about coming to America. I am from Thailand. I came to Phoenix with my parents and my brother and sister. I got here by airplane and car. It was my first time flying in the airplane. I was so tired and I didn’t eat anything in the airplane at all. I only drank water. We stopped in Japan and stayed in the hotel for one day and started to fly to New York. We stayed in New York for one week in a hotel. When I was in New York I felt really sick because I didn’t eat anything and I slept all day long. But, later on I got better and I started to eat a little bit. When I was in New York I really liked it and I just sat and watched tv and ate and slept and I really liked the view in New York. But, I had to come to Phoenix. I came to America to have a better life and better education. In Thailand, it’s really hard to get an education and you have to pay for school and you have to pay for everything. In Thailand, high school is not free but in America high school is free. I still remember my first day of school in Phoenix. I didn’t like it at all and I had no friends and no one to talk with in school. I didn’t even know how to speak English. I only knew the words: yes, no, ok. I only knew those three words and it was really hard for me when people talked to me. But, later on I had some friends and I knew a little bit of English and I started to like Phoenix.

When I was in Thailand I knew a lot of people and I knew a lot of things in Thailand but when I came it was like a different world for me. Everything was new for me – new people, new place, everything is new.


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