it is GO GO GO twenty four seven

By Elliot  |   From : Colorado  |   School : Silverton Middle School

Well this time I am going to be sharing a story about me and my family’s travels. I am from Silverton, Colorado and me and my family have been traveling around extensively for a long time and we have always been looking forward to the next time we go on a trip ever since the last one ended. When we are in Silverton everyone is always in work mode and my mom and dad always have a lot of work and it is like GO GO GO twenty four seven.  When we are in Silverton, my brother is not the most vibrant person in the world and is kind of cranky; sometimes I must admit that I can be cranky too. It’s not like I hate life in Silverton. There are still moments that I appreciate like skiing, which is one of my favorite things in the whole world.  But I can just feel beat, puzzled and stressed out at home. But then when we are traveling everything changes: we smell the ocean or the forest; we listen to the waves or the birds chirping; this is when I have a good time with my family and are all more vibrant people. You’re probably wondering where we’ve had our best travels. One of my favorite places is the Oregon coast: just misty fog and amazing jungle, and best of all the ocean. There are multiple reasons why we love to travel: we are away from Silverton going coast to coast. The places we visit make us act differently than we do in Silverton:  we go to bed on time , we get better sleep, and I think that that is because we only eat three meals a day. My brother and I eat no snacks and we just felt more energized. My mom and dad turn off their phones for the trip and we all just feel warm and lively. The reason I chose to share this story is because I feel like everytime I come back to Silverton after a trip with my family I feel like a new person and my family does too. Thank you for listening and see you next time.

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