it still doesn’t feel like Mexico, my home

By Ana Sofia  |   From : Mexico/Colorado  |   School : Silverton Middle School

I got into a new school in Mexico, made new friends, and I had a good relationship with my classmates. It was March 2022 and everything was going perfect. One of my favorite memories in Mexico was one day of school. We had a little party and it was so fun. Then I went to my friend’s house and spent all day with her and other friends. Then my mom told me that we had to move to the United States: Silverton Colorado. We were moving because we had some family there and so my brother and I could have citizenship. At that time I didn’t worry about it because I had a couple more months in Mexico. The months passed and the last month in Mexico I realized how much I loved my house, my friends, my country and everything in there. We were living so good and then everything changed in just months. The last week of school was the most sad part for me. I remember I just used to think about everything I was going to lose. Then on the last day of school, everything I could hear from my friends and classmates was “please, do not leave, stay with us.” That made me feel really sad, and at the last hour, when we were about to leave I started crying. Then my friends started crying and everything was sad at that moment. I didn’t know when I was going to see them again. Then 4 days later I left Mexico. On the road to Silverton, I got a lot of emotions. I felt calm, nervous, and I was so quiet and I was just watching outside through the window.  When I arrived here everything was so different compared to Mexico: everything was quiet and calm. I was very sad about being in one place totally different from my home. I got to school and made some new friends, but I was scared about meeting new people, and I was also scared about the language even though I knew some English from my Mexican school. Now I’m feeling happy, I have good grades, good friends, and I live in a beautiful place. I’m still in contact with all my Mexican friends and classmates: we always make video calls and send messages to each other. My family always makes some Mexican food for us so we can feel at home. At first it was hard for me, but right now I’m feeling pretty well, but it still doesn’t feel like Mexico, my home.

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