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My Journey from Kenya to America

By Mohamed Abdille  |   From : Kansas City, MO  |   School : East High School

On Friday, August 12th, 2016 I left from Kenya. Before I left, I did many things. First I went to dinner with my grandfather and my friends. Second, I packed my backpack and my clothes. Third, I said goodbye to my uncle. When I left my country, I felt happy because my country it was hard to live because no more food. I also felt I was happy because I wanted to get good a life.

My journey to America, was hard.  It took 8 years to get to America.  First, I took a car to the airport. Next, I took an airplane to Tanzania. After that, I come to Chicago. Then, I fly from Chicago to Kansas City, MO. During my journey to America, I felt bad because it was hot.

Coming to America was very hard for me.  I moved to Kansas City on 07/12/2016. I saw many different things. I saw big airports. I saw different foods because the food in our country is not same. I saw many different people. On my first day in America, I felt happy because I finally got a new life. I get free education and free food.

I go to East high school.  My school in Kansas City is different than my school in my country. First, in my school have only two room. Second, my school in my country there is no lunch. Third, in my school we wear uniforms. However, my new school is also similar to my school in my country.  First, my school and East both teach English. Second, my country’s school has 7 classes like East high school. I like how the teachers teach us at East high school.  East High School is smart school.

Today, my life is good.  First, my life was unhappy before I come America.  Second, now I feel better. Third, I get free education and good health. Today, I feel happy about moving to America. I feel happy because I come from a place no more food and water. I also feel sad because I left my friends in my country. Sometimes, I am sad I moved to America.


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