A Kid After 14 Years

My mom, Vanessa. She had a boyfriend, my dad, Rafael, at 18 years. She said that my dad used to bring her flowers every time he visited her at her house. She had me when she was 21 years old, in Ecuador. She says it is very difficult to have another child after 14 years. When I was born, in Ecuador, my mom had a lot of help. Grandparents from both sides helped her by taking care of her, and also by taking care of me when I was a baby. During the time that my grandparents were helping my mom, my mom felt that raising a child was easy. Sometimes my grandma from my mom’s side used to come to my house and take care of me by making food, cleaning the house or washing clothes. My mom said that since I was a baby I didn’t bother her. Whenever she told me to stay I obeyed. She said that I used to eat everything she cooked, and that I wasn’t a problem when she tried to feed me.I was a good student and kid.

In Ecuador, since I was growing up my mom wanted to have another kid, but my dad didn’t want to. When I was thirteen, my parents told me that we were going to go to the USA for the second time. After a year my mom find out that she was pregnant. I always wanted a little brother. Because my grandparents weren’t here to help her, mom had a difficult pregnancy. After my brother Damian was born, my parents were happy. My mom says that it is difficult to raise my little brother. Most of the things that my mom cooks, he doesn’t like. My little brother doesn’t stay still. Wherever my mom tells him to stay he thinks it is a joke and he starts running and we have to chase him. My little brother chooses his own cloth. Collars and buttons scratch him. His brown boots are too heavy. Sometimes my mom doesn’t have too much patience. When my mom is trying to feed Damian, he only likes to eat meat, he doesn’t like to eat vegetables. The most frustrating thing for my mom is when Damian does the opposite thing that my mom told him to do. Like my mom orders him to pick up all his toys before going to bed, and he leaves the toys all over the house. Then I have to pick up all the toys because Damian was too busy playing with his toys that he fell asleep. My dad, the other hand, always does what my little brother wants. My dad says that Damian is a baby and he doesn’t understand what’s good and what’s bad.

 It was easy when I was the only child. That’s what my parents said. Since I was 6 years I started to be so independent that my mom was getting used to it. Whenever my mom wanted to go out, all she had to do was to tell me to get ready. Now my dad and I have to wait for my mom because she has to dress my brother and she also has to get changed. Sometimes they take too long so I feel that we been out of the house for 4 hours. I respect every person when we’re inside and outside the house because my parents taught me manners. Now everytime we go out, my brother makes a big complaint about everything. He starts crying when he’s tired. The only things that can stop him are candys or the phone. I understand that sometimes Damian is annoying because he’s a baby. And for my parents to have Damian is like having their first kid. My parents and I are learning how to take care of a baby and we’re also obtaining more patience than ever. We know that Damian is learning every single thing we made. That’s why I’m doing my best everyday in school to show him that he can also be a great student and son at the same time.                 


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