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I know that it is tough to leave one’s country, drop everything behind you.

By Hicham  |   From : Saint-Denis France  |   School : Suger High School

My Story in France

Hello, probably the story of us all starts by “my name is Hicham, I am twenty etc…” I will try to be original, it’s a good idea, isn’t it? Hum, where to start ? I was born in France, not far away from Paris. I have always lived near Paris.I have a big brother, he is 22 or 23 something like that. My mom is French and my dad is Algerian and Spanish but for many reason, I have never been to Algeria or Spain.

All of people’s problems is that they are migrants, or sons of migrants. My problem, if I have one, is that I feel only French and I don’t know all of my family. Well, I grew up in the 93 district, in a so-called “ghetto”, The French Bronx if you want, and I have barely had to experience racism. I know it is paradoxical, but I met racism on TV. So these are prejudices people have about us and about the French suburb. My life is not what they think it is.

Well, I don’t want to talk about my “story”, so I am going to talk about what I want and what I love.

My school curriculum is very specific to France. Graduation is called the “BAC” and I have already graduated last year, but I decided to restart studies in a different division which fits me better. I would like to become a journalist in the future. I wish, like everybody, I could buy a house for my parents, have à job and a dog…

Canada is a country where I would like to live. It is like a dream since when I was 12, but I know that it is tough to leave one’s country, drop everything behind you. I would like to visit the united states !

Like everybody I think, apart from this, I like video games and combat sports.

Well I will keep the best of my story for a next letter

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