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By Gabriel Macias  |   From : Ecuador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

My family and I went to the beach called “Atacames” in the summer of 2015. Atacames is the best beach on the coast of Ecuador. That beach has a tropical smell and a beautiful landscape. From the center of this town you can contemplate the tropical environment in which the people live. The people are very funny and friendly. Almost all year the weather is a bit hot, but not to the extreme. It is perfect to be in the water at the beach.


We were my parents, my “cousin” Juliana, and me. Juliana was with us because she was like my cousin. She lived with us. She ate with us everyday and she helped cleaning the house. So she was part of my family. She was like my sister. When we got Atacames, we started to look for a hotel. We found one next to the beach with 2 pools, a soccer field, and a big buffet. It was perfect. The rooms were very classic, they were made of wood, and those rooms had a very extravagant model. It smelled like a new book. That smell was addictive. The bed and the sofa were so comfortable. We got ready quickly to go to the beach.

When we were leaving the hotel, we met two Americans that were in the room next to ours. They looked like typical Americans from the movies. They were blonde and had those blue beautiful, eyes. They were were very friendly and greeted us. They told us they were on vacation too. They were siblings and their names were Rose and Matt. They started a conversation with my parents. It surprised me because my parents don’t speak English. The Americans were speaking Spanish very well. I thought that speaking two languages must be difficult but awesome. It inspired me to take English classes because I wanted to dominate two languages as well as them. That was the first moment that I thought about the US.  If I went there,  I could learn English and I would meet more people like Rose and Matt.


We went to the beach. The weather was perfect. It was hot but not too much. It made the people feel like they should be in the water. I went to the water and stayed there playing throwing a ball that we bought on the trip. I played with my cousin for an hour. Later, we went to the sand and started to make some big castles. We returned to the hotel hungry and went to the buffet. Everyone in my family ate the same thing, crabs. That’s the thing that we always eat at the beach. It’s my favorite food. After crabs, I got a big chocolate chip ice cream on a plate with a banana and syrup. I ate it so slow to enjoy it more.


Later, we went to the pool. I noticed my parents were there with Rose and Matt. I overheard my dad talking to them about things that i didn’t know my father were going to tell to strangers. He told them about  my childhood and my birthday and my brother. It was a long night for them. They stayed up talking until about 3am. I fell asleep early, exhausted from a day at the beach. Early, the next morning I took a walk on the beach. I saw the sunrise, that giant ball of fire coming out from the horizon while the water of the ocean reflects that epic moment. I would have liked to have my phone to take a picture.


Nevertheless, I was so sad. Our vacation was done and we had to return home. We went and had breakfast before: coffee,  bread with butter, jam and a piece of cheese inside the bread, an omelet and a glass of fresh orange juice. We were packed. When we were leaving the hotel, Rose came out to say goodbye. When we were walking towards the car, my father asked me if I had enjoyed the vacation. I told him, “Yes.” He was sad because that was possibly the last one in Ecuador, before coming to U.S. I was very confused. Everything was different. I knew that my life was going to change drastically. But thanks to meeting Rose and Matt, it was a little easier to deal with that news. I knew that at last I could fulfill the dream I had, to be able to speak a second  language and meet more people like them.


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