From La Isla to The Nation

By Brian Febus  |   From : Puerto Rico  |   School : Everglades High School

 My name is Brian G. Febus Santiago. I love to play sports, specially baseball and volleyball. I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico but raised in Coamo en las casitas de campos con el bello amanecer y su rico aroma a café. We moved from La Isla 3 years ago because it was kind of hard for my dad economically.

The transition was hard because I was alone with my father and my mom was in Texas. In this transition, I had to learn so many things like, cooking, washing my clothes, cleaning, creating a routine, and the hardest thing that was the language. Every single day I stood after school to practice the language and then I would go to the sports practices.

In Puerto Rico, things were very different because I always had free time to do whatever I wanted to do but here is very different because I always got to do something. At school it  is different too because there is more homework and more work than simply studying and doing exams. Then there’s baseball and volleyball, it is different because here I am always traveling to so many different places for the games.

I was very scared because I am from el party, el vacilon, el jangueo, el campo, la musica, las montanas y el campo para las noticias, el trabajo duro, la ciudad, los edificios y el cansancio.

Here I see…

Here I see, buildings

Here I see, contamination

Here I see, technology

Here I see, a segregated nation

Here I see, fights

Here I want, a united nation

Here I want, morals

Here I want, a strong population.

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