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Land of Palms

By Ivanuska Bailon Contento  |   From : Ecuador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a warm place…
Where the sun shines with its great splendor
Where you can lounge letting the sun warm your skin
And sometimes you just cannot bear it,
You just want to find a fan and you don’t want to go anywhere


I am from the warm land of palms,
Where the land is fertile,
Perfect to grow up…


I am from encebollado,
A complete dish, with bread, with chifles and rice.
And you cannot miss the soda or the fresh squeezed orange juice
Where bolon de verde with cheese
Is one of my favorite dishes
That I can eat everyday.


People are kind,
Everyone smiles
And says ¡Buenos dias!
I am from that place
Where everyone is close,
The family your neighborhood
I am happily from that place
Where you call your neighbors
“Tio” or “Tia” and their children
Are our cousins.


Where everyone defends each other
From some danger.
And knows everything about you,
And they do not care
If you don’t have their blood…
You are family.


I am from “Carnaval”, is “Carnaval!”
You must have your bubbles with water
And mud in the hand to throw at
Whoever dares to pass by
You hang out with your friends without fear
Because everyone knows you since you were born!
Everyone loves the way you are.


I am from that place
Where the beaches are not very nearby
But the way to go there is so fun,
With family or friends
The family car is full, with  junk food,
Singing and yelling,
With the windows down,
Feeling the wind blowing strong against your face.
The ride so long and flat,
The sound of the music, loud.
The sun brighter… making you feel so free…


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