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The Last Day in my Country Mexico and My First Day in the U.S

By Alejandro Ramirez  |   From : West Palm Beach, Florida  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

“No cambies, don’t change, always stay the same” /said my friend Aldo on my last day in Dethiga, my “vecindario”. /I told him that he knew me very well /and that I would never change,/ I would always be the same way. /Happiness is essential to keep on going because life is hard/but you can always overcome.

The day started in the morning when my friend Aldo went to my house to find me./ He told me to go to the soccer field to play with some friends for one last time./ I remember we were a little serious because we no longer would see each other again for a good time./ Then we got to the soccer field, /my friends had a surprise for me,/ it was a farewell party./ I felt very content at that moment. /They made me feel like I had feathers in my stomach/ At the party we played some time and did several things at that time, After that I went to say goodbye to my family, later I went back to my friend Aldo, and it was at that moment when I told myself that if I was going to return to Mexico./I was not like many people who come to the United States, return presuming things that are not even true./ Aldo and I gave a big hug, that was my last day in Dethiga.

“It doesn’t matter where you go, but never forget where you come from and always be the same, Do not Change”

My first day in the United States was something strange, because I did not know anyone, I felt different. In 3 days, between school, and my first day was something strange, I remember that I ran because the bus was going to leave me, when I got on the bus, the driver asked me things and I did not understand, someone for me to help translate. After arriving at school, some friends took me to the office and left me there. I also remember that the bus was very cold and had some nerves. Then, when my friends left me in the school office, my head hurt and I got dizzy. Then, the director came and took me to a room and gave me a test. The next day I took my classes and had to introduce myself to the students, and the student got up from the chair and greeted me and introduced himself, that friend’s name is José Canales. He was one of the ones who helped me most. they helped me in my other classes, I had a teacher that the students treated him very badly, they did as they wanted.
Time passed and little by little I adapted here, I still did not adapt 100%but a little more than at the beginning. But I still want to go back to my country, Mexico to be with my relatives and my friends.

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