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A Latino and French boy.

By Louis Jean Pierre  |   From : Saint Denis  |   School : Lycee Suger

Hello, I am Louis Jean-Pierre. I am 15 years old and I wannt to share my story with you. I will talk about my family and my story. My family is a very close-knit family because, I think, it is thanks to my origins. I have latino origins.

My parents are colombian and I am french. My father’s sisters and brothers and my mother’s sisters and brothers are not close-knit. That’s why my father wants us to be close. I think I do not have a particular story. My story is not the same as Brandon in the film I Learn America. I think I have a normal story because my parents didn’t cross borders. They just flew to join the sister of my dad because they wanted  to discover the world. So they joined my father’s sisters in France and then they stayed but I don’t know. I think it is because of money, jobs and because France is a country where there is more cultures, multicultularism pluri-ethnicity, more communities for exemple Latinos, Arabic, African, Chinese…. communities and they like it.

And this is my story.

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