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I learn a lot from other cultures

By Solenn  |   From : Marseille  |   School : Access English Marseille


My name is Solenn, I’m 19.
I like video games, si-fi literature, metal music and my cat.
And I’ve been so many places.

Let’s start with the beginning. My grand mother, the mother of my father, realized when she stopped working, that she couldn’t stay always at home. She needed to travel, to discover other towns, others cultures, other countries.
And sometimes, during the school’s holiday, we traveled together, for at least a week in every destination.

The first travel was to Finland, and I was 9. Officially to discover Santa Claus’s village. You might find it amusing. But it was amazing. Finland is a really beautiful country, we saw aurora borealis, we traveled on a sled with huskies dogs, and we ate some reindeer’s meat.
One year later, we traveled to Kenya. Again, it was amazing. We saw elephants, lions, zebra, we discovered another culture, we met some Massai people.
We went to French Guyana. We slept in hammock, I found a snake in my shoes, we swam in the Atlantic Ocean, we met turtles and monkeys. We ate some caiman and we caught some piranhas.
Then we went to New York. Big buildings, big burgers, huge streets, and Central Park, beautiful. We drunk some cocktails on a roof, we went to the Empire State Building (of course) and we bought some many many things.
Then San Francisco. I was 13, and I fell in love with that city. Beautiful bay, beautiful houses, we ate big salads and we went to a restaurant with false animals who move every 15 minutes.
Then London. Camden Town and its market, Oxford Street and its shop, that town is expensive but is so cool to visit.
Then Kyoto, for my 14th birthday. Traditional, full of cherry trees in blossom, we discovered some temples and some strange food.
Then Miami. Beach, sea, cocktails and nice local people.
Then Hong Kong. Chinese town, best shrimp’s chips I ever tasted, and beautiful boats.
Then New Orleans. French neighborhood, the Bayou, its alligator.
The San Francisco. I fell in love again.
Then Tokyo. So big, so Japanese, so strange but so similar to New York, in a special way.
Then.. No more trips.
The last year, in 2015, after I celebrated my 18th birthday, my grand mother passed away. Heart attack in her bath.

When I knew she had died, I cried for months. I miss her so much, still now.

I’m really lucky to traveled so much. Sadly, I realized it after she passed away.. How lucky I had been to traveled so much with her.

Actually, I don’t like people. Specially French people who are so rude. But I like traveling very much because people from other countries are so interesting. I learn a lot from other cultures.

Except for that, I’m an ordinary woman, and I think the most interesting part of my story is my travel experience. Oh, I could tell you that my sister doesn’t have the same father than me, and my brother, and I don’t have the same father than my brother and my sister, I could tell more about my weird family, maybe about my boyfriend, about my life but.. I find it ordinary. But I like it.




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