Leaving El Pulgarcito

By Carlos  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : Maryland

“Leaving El Pulgarcito”

I came at the age of the 14 years old, the trip start by a problem that my mom was worried, because my brother’s dad will kill her and I felt the trip very long and dangerous.

It was a weekend of may, when me and my mama decide to come to America when we have problems with the ex of my mama and she call me very sad.

“Mijo I have to tell you something,” mama said .

“ yes mama what do you need,” I said.

“We have to leave as soon as possible,” mama said.

“why,” I said.

“Because I had problems with your brother’s dad and he told that he will kill me,” mama said.

“OK mama but you know that there’s so many thing that we gonna pass in the way to America,” I said.

“Yes, I know hijo but We have to get ready everything for our trip, I have to call the coyote,” mama said.

“ok” I said.

……………………… “Trying to get out of the Pulgarcito”………………………………..

So we start doing all the documentation that we had to made before leave El Salvador . We went to immigration to ask for the passport , me,mama and Robertito got the passports but my others two brother couldn’t because his dad has to be there,so my mama have to see what can she invite something to say to the dad of my brothers.She called the father of my brothers saying that she need their passports to leave my brother with him, he was happy to have my brothers but he didn’t knew what my mama was planning,finally the they was here We got the others two passports , our plan was completed now We have just to call the Coyote to help us with the trip now my mama called him.

My mama got the phone and start calling him and he answer the phone:

“Hello,” the coyote said.

“Is me Ana,” mama said.

“What do you need,” the coyote said.

“I want you to bring us to the American dream,” mama said.

“How many people are” the coyote said.

“We are 5 people,one adult and four children,”mama said.

“Ok, but you know the price ?” the coyote said.

“I imagine what the price would be,” mama said.

“I want $25,000 for you all, you guy gonna be ok don’t worry about anything,” the coyote said.

“Ok, when can we start our trip,” my mom said.

“We can start this coming monday at 4:00 a.m,” the coyote said.

“Thank you,” my mom said.

During the week I saw my mom very scared about the trip, finally was Monday we were ready at 3:50 a.m I saw a car coming and I told to my mom that a car was coming that will be the coyote . Yeah that was the the Coyote.Me and my family get into the car my mom told to the coyote good-morning and he answer her, and we started our trip untill the capital San Salvador to pick up a other person . After her we took a bus to the border of Guatemala.

……………………………”Crossing the chapine’s Country”………………………………

We cross the border of El Salvador to Guatemala and We start traveling to Guatemala city, Were 11:00 p.m We were waiting a bus to take us in the border of Guatemala and Belize , the Coyote leave us in the bus station he said that girl know where we have to stop and what guys we have to meet in the way to Belize because this was her third time trying to get the American Dream.

In the way to Belize I saw to many places that were very beautiful for me and my family I saw a old airport , kind of pyramid a and to many forest. I was in second floor of the bus I felt very bad i wanted to vomit maybe for the cause of there were too many people in the bus ,finally we were in the border of Guatemala there were a tiendita where we bought 3 sodas ,

then guy come to us and asked us if we were the group of six people , “yes,” I said , so he took us to a hotel to be there all the night just to wait for the next day.

In the morning he came to us and told us that we have to cross the migration border of Belize and he said out of the building there a taxi that gonna be waiting for us so he took us one by one in a motorcycle until we were all in the border building of Belize.

……………………………”Crossing the paradise of Belize”……………………………….

We were the building now waiting for our turn , finally a girl come to us and start asking to many question for Ex: Where are you going? Why are you going? With who are you going? all those question were like game who have the best answer win , finally the officer was agree.

“Senora I just was testing you to see if you say something that where are you going, I know where are you going you go to U.S.A,” the officer said.

“Ok ,” my mama said.

“Outside there’s a taxi waiting for you he gonna took you to the bus station,” the officer said.

“Ok,” my mama said.

We were outside and we saw the guy of the taxi, he say that he gonna took us to the bus station, during the trip to the station I saw too many beautiful places as houses ,hills , rivers , valleys , all those places were beautiful as United States, we finally were in the station we were waiting for the bus to come , the stations in Belize are as here there is only a place where the bus wait for the people , we get in on the bus all the people spoke native English and some of Spanish during the trip crossing Belize I saw lake with the water blue as the oceans , all in Belize were water the streets are stretch as the 497, the bus tlive us in a station where another guy was waiting for us to took us to a place out of the civilisation and was close to Mexico, We had to walk 2 hours and cross a river , in those two hours we had to walk in places very scary and dangerous where your life is in danger for the narcos after cross the rive we were in Mexico.

……………………………..Crossing the Narcos country…………………………………….

In the other side of the river we had to clime a hill to reach the street where other guy is waiting for us , We were very tired I saw my brothers scared and the coyote lost a 100 bill in the place where we were and he was saying that we took it , I felt scary and my mom more she was worried about us , I thought that he will kill us because he is a narco and everyone know what a narco can do, the guy came with the taxi he told us that gonna carry us into a bus station to buy the tickets to go to the house of the other guy . When he told us about our trip I felt fear , something cross my mind like if something would happen , the guy leave us in front of the bus station he asked us for the money my mom was asking,”what money are you asking for”, he tell her that it was for the pick up and the drop off , I looked him with fear .After give him the money we went to buy the tickets to go to Merydan where the guy is waiting for us .

The guy pick us in the bus station in Merydan he took us to a house where we have to be for 3 days, we only ate 3 times at day and always the same food we had to share the room with 6 people more from Hondura that was the first time that I met the Catrachos . I felt uncomfortable about sharing the room with to many people and the bathroom was so nasty, I was like I not going to use that bathroom. We took a plane to Monterey where we had to be there for 3 days in the airport a group of Federals ask us if we were the group of 6 , and I said” not” but we didn’t know that the group of 6 were the guys close to us in the plane . The guys of the house sent us to Reynosa where we cross the Rio Grande, when I saw the river it was small and I told to my mom that why is call Rio Grande.

……………………………………….The American Dream…………………………………….

After cross the river we walked for 5 minutes when migration get us , after get us they leave us in a garage , there were to many people from all the world .They was making us move and dividing the man and women I was tired because I haven’t sleep for 2 days , finally they call our names to move us to a house where we where for 1 day next day they move us to another house we were there for 2 days until they move us to the last house where we past our last 3 days I make made friends there , I was in the room of the young guys and my mom of the women the first day me and other guy were the only ones there for the first day , the room was very cool it was like January in the room all the we had to sleep together to be warm they treat us bad us trash , only because we ask them for more food . We were the last people to get out of the group that go with us in the bus just because we were 5 and the officers were lazies .They only leave us in a park where we didnt know what to do they just say,” you guys are free now , get out of the bus”.We didn’t know what to do all the people was like going everywhere as crazy chickens , me and my mom thought that we can ask to some latinos in the park and we asked them and they told us that in 2 more streets . We keep walking until the bus station I ask them if we can use the cellphone to call our families and our family ask them for airplanes tickets and they dont that just buses tickets , so they took us to another station where a church was helping the people with clothes , shoes , shower , medicine, food and call the families to help them buy the tickets to where they live.My family bought the tickets to Washington D.C all this happened in McAllen TX , when we where in the airport we had to carry 2 plastics bags , it was embarrassing and the pilots and tripulant were racist with us all I thought was how we start with and how we finish with .

All our way to here was hard our families give us the back just because it was hard to help us here . My mom was using a GPS because the ICE wanted to know where she was my mom’s life was in danger for the GPS . We went to court we won the Asilo politico and that make us our life more easy now for today we are fighting for the the Green Card and our life still not easy our families still giving us the back just because we no have to much money my mom is a single mother with 4 children and one work to live.

I feel happy of be here I gave to many opportunities I hoping get a scholarship if I get it in the end of the high school, but if I not get it I want to join the Army and be a doctor. My dreams are so strong for me is something that I had planning for many years and here can be possible. I want to travel around the world there too many places that I want visit . My family is happy of be here they have their hope and dreams my brothers want to study the same thing that I want in the Air Force .Here they pay your studies ,something that in my country don’t do it and is so dangerous for the Maras that you can’t finish it cause you will be dead. I thanks God for the opportunity of be here and United States for give me a place where can I be.

Will continue…



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