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Leaving Haiti for a better future

By Edmond Degand  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

Hi, my name is Edmond Degand I am from Haiti and I was born in 2001. I arrived in the USA on July 3th 2016. I came to the United States so I can go to college to learn something for my life. I traveled by myself to the United States I have been going to school in the United States for about eight months.

These are the reasons why I came to the United States:

This is my second time coming to a school in the United States. When I was seven years old, the conditions in Haiti were very bad at that time. Someone almost kidnapped my Dad because he is a famous doctor in his community. They think he has a lot of money which is not true and he didn’t want me to get kidnap too so he find a way to send to the Boston. There I was living with my older sister and I didn’t like his husband and the treatments he gives me. I spent one year and a half going to school there.

After that terrible earthquake that causes so many deaths, I went back to Haiti to see my family, there were gladly okay. I stay there but now I returned to the United States after eight years.Those eight years in Haiti were fabulous because I was living with my Mom and Dad and able to go out at any place I wanted. I would go to the beach, do sports like karate and judo. Karate and Judo are my passion and I have been practicing those sports since I was little, but in the United States it’s not the same thing.

My family. especially my father wants me to be something great in life and in Haiti we don’t have a lot of opportunities. My father isn’t able to live in the United States because he does not have a job, or a place to live, but when my aunt arrive here in 2012 he thought it would be a good opportunities to sent me back to the United States. He waited so I can be a little older to help myself.

His priority for me is to go to college so I can work and make some money to help him when he stops working. In Haiti even if you have a degree you can not find a for job. My father always work hard for the education of his children and the prove is the success of my older siblings who now are working in the United States. Even in his 60’s, he is still working to educate me and my little siblings.Besides leaving Haiti to go to college the security condition in Haiti are really bad, people get killed very often, the air is polluted because of the cars, there is a lot of trash in the streets and that is not good for your body. All can make you get sick and we don’t even have hospital, that is why they say it is one of the poorest country in world but I still love it.

This is my story about the reasons I come to the United States who my father play a big role. I am doing my best to make him proud and I would like to be able to going back to Haiti in the summer to see my family that I miss so much. Even if I see my Dad every three months, Haiti is my homeland.

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